Graphic Design


This is my favourite of favourites, getting to take a word, a thought, a feeling a concept and MAKING IT HAPPEN. It is important for me to meet the client and understand the product. From the insight I gain I am able to come up with a concept that appeals to you as the client and works for the product. This understanding will help me to create the right images to make the product shine and sell itself, or to make it stand out. There are so many areas it is not possible to showcase them all, however the most common are highlighted below.

Kid with a Passion and a Crayon...


As a child I was encouraged to draw, paint and make things. I embraced the creative world and fine tuned my natural enthusiasm and ability at Michaelis School of Fine Art in Cape Town. I embraced every aspect of the art world and obtained my BA in Fine Arts.


From Michaelis I went into a photographic field for Homes and Gardens magazine and the film industry.


Realising that the design side was my main strength and passion I started working for a publishing house as a junior designer/ photographer. Within 6 months I was Art Director at one of the top publications at the time.


I went from strength to strength as I explored the world of design and advertising. My hands on approach with every aspect from flat plan, to conceptualization, design, marketing and handling of print has resulted in a depth of understanding that few others possess.


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